Ocoee Florida The Great City

Dated: 07/28/2018

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Ocoee is a city in Orange County, Florida. Ocoee, Florida, finds its roots in the citrus industry. What became the city of Ocoee was by a physician and group of slaves in the 19th century. Ocoee was a slumbering citrus community. All of this changed when the vicious frosts destroyed thousands of acres of citrus trees in Orange and lake countries.  Devastating those freezes were, the opened the door to real estate development in Ocoee.

Within the past 20 years, Ocoee blossomed into the third largest community in Orange County , moving past Winter Park. Ocoee is the fastest growing of the thirteen cities that make up Orange County . Moreover, real estate development in Ocoee has led to tremendous residential options for people from all walks of life. This has included magnificent real estate options that include lovely lake front estate and beautiful custom homes that have been built in a number of new developments in the city.

Despite the building boom in Ocoee, there remains prime property available for the construction of new, custom residences. Moreover, the pace of the residential real estate market, including more luxurious properties, remains very brisk. There is universal agreement amongst real estate analysts that purchasing beautiful residential real estate in Ocoee today will prove to be an outstanding investment into the future. Real estate values in Ocoee are on an incline that is not expected to recede any time soon.

In addition to the new residential and commercial real estate development that is sweeping through Ocoee, great care is taken to maintain the historical venues that have made this community unique through the years. Progress and tradition have blended perfectly to make Ocoee unique in all of Orange County .

To the incomparable real estate opportunities available today, Ocoee offers other great benefits to people who elect to call this thriving community home. For instance, a resident of Ocoee can reach Orlando by car in a matter of minutes. Depending on where a person actually resides in Ocoee, he or she actually can be as well be into Orlando in a matter of less than ten minutes. Despite its very   close proximity to Orlando, and despite its growth, life in Ocoee feels far removed from the hustle and bustle of major city living. As of 2010 census Ocoee had a population of 35, 759.

A long time catch phrase that has been associated with Ocoee is the center of good living. In today’s world, more than at any other time in the history of Ocoee,  that phrase “ The Center of Good Living” is more accurate than ever before. Indeed, to say that the future looks bright for Ocoee is an understanding. The freeze that gave birth to the latest incarnation of this fantastic community is a fading memory.

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